This series will cover all thirty teams and go over the most important player, and player who’s performance most needs to improve to help the team succeed.

The Winged Wheel is looking a bit different than it did when they last won it all. While undeniably they are more gritty and less likely to be physically intimidated they are also older, slower and less skilled. If anyone had said three years ago that Mike Commodore, Ian White and Todd Bertuzzi would all wear the Red Wings Jersey at oncepeople would assume either a massive change leadership or insanity. We know for sure there hasn’t been a chance in leadership, on the last one we’ll wait for the jury to respond.

High Card:



Wild Card:

Nicklas Lidstrom. It is clear to everyone who watches hockey that the Detroit Captain has lost a step or three in the last couple years. This says more elegantly much about him receiving the Norris Trophy last season than I ever could. He’s still one of the smartest defensemen in the NHL, still able to make great passes and shoot the puck, but I don’t think players hold him in awe the way they used to. There’s a good reason for this, for the first time in his career last year he was a minus player. Nicklas Lidstrom, a double digit minus player a concept so alien one can only assume the people who cast ballots for the Norris assumed it was a persistent typo.  If he can get back to the form he had two or three seasons ago the Wings have a lot to look forward to in what may be his fair well tour. If he plateaus at last seasons level or slips further the Wings can look forward to a long summer to rest up and scout.