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Boston Bruins 7th Player Award

Mar. × ’12

The Boston Bruins 7th Player Award is one of those awards that is so hard to judge. If you look at any given to week span of the marathon you could award it to a good dozen players in a deep team. Other years you wonder if anyone deserves it. This year is another hard […]

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$5 Million Dollar Forwards: Northeast Edition

Mar. × ’12

The dividing line between the upper echelon of the NHL’s forwards in terms of pay and the merely competent is always sliding upwards. Right now the line is slipping from the five million mark upwards. Without knowing what the next CBA will look like, much less the next two or three annual caps we’ll take […]

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Were The Bruins Downed By Different Beats?

Mar. × ’12

Looking back at the last several weeks of Bruins play there are some things that are readily apparent, like: injuries less capable replacements mid season boredom some atrocious calls by on ice officials and the office of Player Safety What’s less apparent is that up until his injury, the Bruins were sliding Tuukka Rask into […]

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What Ails The Bruins Part 3 Drilling Down

Mar. × ’12

The Long View When you look at some of the other teams to win the cup recently and what they did in their next year, most of it isn’t pretty. Duncan Keith had a bad year after the Cup win, by comparison Chara’s average to slightly above year is pretty nice.  Zetterberg played two more […]

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What Ails The Bruins? Part 1

Mar. × ’12

What’s wrong with the Boston Bruins is a question I’ve been asked a couple times a week for about two, nearly two and a half months. The tailspin didn’t start with the losing, it started with some of the undeserved wins at the end of December. In January, it was bad luck and stupid injuries […]

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Breaking Up The Band

Feb. × ’12

With the Bruins slump now entering its seventh week, its time to consider something I didn’t think I’d find myself endorsing at any point this season. Unfortunately with the loss of Peverley piled upon the loss of Horton, it’s past time to examine the idea. The Bruins need to break up Bergeron’s line. It has […]

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David Krejci On The Outs?

Feb. × ’12

Before the Phil Kessel trade, there was the David Krejci contract. A furor rolled across message boards for weeks. He should get paid more than whatever Kessel got, he should get more than Bergeron or even Savard were the top ends of hubris. Krejci should get get less than any of them. He’s lazy, he’s […]

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Boston Bruins 1st Quarter Grades: Forwards

Nov. × ’11

The Bruins got off to a god awful start in October, had ten wins in a row to start November and after 21 games they look a whole lot better. Patrice Bergeron: The longest tenured skater for the team has done it all, all season. Even when the team was doing it’s zombie shuffle through […]

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Player Movement

Nov. × ’11

With so few coaches are are vastly different from the coaches in precarious positions available, the solution teams are turning to is player movement. With some teams being unexceptionably bad, and lots of players, many who have been on the the same team a long time struggling who gets moved will be interesting. The Canes […]

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