It’s been months since the last drinking game here at PuckSage, I’m sure your liver transplant went well.

Disclaimer: Even if your participation in this game is limited to drinking water something stupid is likely to happen.  No one actually cares what that stupid is since it will be your own damn fault, but if it should happen to get 500 or more votes on one of our favorite sites definitely send us a link, if it involves some hotties send pics too.

Take One Drink:

As soon as the season or all time record between the two is mentioned.

When Chara is mentioned as having captained an All Star Team.

When Alfredsson is mentioned as having captained an All Star Team.

If someone expresses amazement at Chara’s slapshot.

Take Two Drinks:

If Milan Michalek fails to be mentioned as an All Star.

When the word “Swede” is used in any form

When the word “Slovak” is used in any form.

If Naoko Funayama appears to be nearly as tall as any player other than Brad Marchand.

All the members of either the Bruins or the Senators landing on the same team is mentioned.

Take Three Drinks:

Whenever All Star footage is shown.

If it is noted Seguin had to wait longer than any other member of the Senators or Bruins to be drafted all star weekend.

If any NHL or NHL All Star record is mentioned.

When the division standings are mentioned.

Take Four Drinks:

If Erik Karlsson goes two shifts without someone mentioning he leads all NHL defensemen in scoring.

A coach is shown shaking his head after a blown call.

Someone asks someone not at the all star weekend about the break.

An interview occurs without a cliche.

Skip a drink:

If an incredibly stupid rumor is addressed.

You can’t tell which of the two glasses in front of you is yours.

You feel the urge to block a Zdeno Chara slapshot.

For variety we recommend having two drinks to participate with, if nothing else you’ll know it’s quitting time when you can’t tell the difference between your Patrone and Ketle One. No one is responsible for your idiotic actions under the influence of rum, vodka, tequila or your own genetic inferiority except you. Don’t blame me, don’t blame the NHL or the players, given the musical selections of most sporting events you won’t even be able to say gansta rap made me do it.  However I’m sure both I and Tosh.O will greatly appreciate the opportunity to see your internet video on Youtube or elsewhere.


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