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Zdeno Chara picked Jarome Iginla as part of an plot to get him into a Bruins uniform. With the trade deadline approaching and the Calgary Flames sitting on the outside looking in, this might just be part of the savvy Slovaks attempts to make his team the first to repeat in the salary cap era.

Marian Gaborik was clearly snubbing his countryman Zdeno Chara by walking to the wrong side of the stage. Is it hostility left over from the increasing rivalry between the Rangers and Bruins, or something even more personal?

Daniel Alfredsson picked all the Canucks, the first time All Star Scott Hartnell, and not one but two members of the Pittsburgh Penguins. While the Senators are currently in playoff position, all of those teams have to be considered stronger, was this his plan to get to know those locker rooms before asking for a trade?

The obvious reluctance shown to draft Milan Michalek and Tyler Seguin is indicative of rifts in both the Ottawa Senators and Boston Bruins teams that leave both captains wanting their younger teammates moved elsewhere.

Did Carey Price threaten to revisit his famous slobber knocker with Tim Tomas if they weren’t on the same team this year?

Was there collusion between the captains before the draft? There is clearly a split in the players that didn’t just occur accidentally. No one will ever get me to believe the near equal dispersal of redheads was just coincidence.

Alfredssons drafting of Daniel ahead of Henrik Sedin has sparked a three cornered feud between the two by reversing their NHL draft order and snubbing the center for the winger. Evidence of this can be seen by watching the replay where the brothers are never seen speaking to each other, even the other players commented on this.

The streams were crossed.

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