The Kansas City Cyclones Quebec Nordiques New Jersey Devils picked up  Alexei Ponikarovsky for pocket lint and a firm handshake from the Carolina Hurricanes. The fifteen points he racked up in Raleigh put him equal with rookie defenseman Adam Larsson who is playing his first season of North American hockey. If that doesn’t put the rest of the eastern conference back on their heels nothing will.

Pernell Slewban is at it again. The Canadiens defenseman who is developing a not quite flattering reputation had another $2500 lifted from his pocket for the incident. This is the same player who got Mike Richards to say unkind things in the press about him, and teammate Hal Gill to remonstrate him in front of the media for being a slob in the locker room.  One can only wonder when Subban will focus enough on playing the game to have more stories written about his game winning goals, glorious defensive plays and slick passes than about the boneheaded things he does.

If the playoffs started going into today’s action: three teams in the east would make the playoffs who did not last season, only one team who was out in the west last year would be in.

Lot’s of fun games on the schedule:

  • The Battle of Alberta is rejoined. The Oilers offense against the Flames goaltending provides a nice contrast.
  • The Kings and Avalanche are trying to climb a bit higher in the standings and are currently rubbing elbows and 7th and 8th.
  • Panthers vs Jets: With a win or overtime loss the Panthers reclaim first in the division, with a regulation win the Jets will climb to within one point of the division lead.

The KHL is streaming their All-Star game live for all to see, anywhere in the world.

Also, look for my debut column over at Hockey This Week real soon. They are carefully hidden on Twitter: @HockeyThisWeek I hope you can find them.

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