Where oh where did the sad sack Ducks go? Bruce Boudreau seems to have gotten the Ducks to know their role and roll in their lane. The Ducks have won six of eight since the start of the year with one of the losses coming in OT.  Just a hunch but I bet it has something to do with holding their shots against count down. Instead of their average of slightly over 30 per game on the season, only two opponents have broken 30 in the new year, and 3 have been held to 25 or less.

Rene Bourque, hockey goon? Well, probably not but he did drop the gloves on his first shift against the Capitals.

I’m sure he’s put eastern conference enforcers back on their heels.

The Colorado Avalanche seem to have gotten the Wonkavator to change directions again.

They’re 6-3-1 in their last 10. Does this mean we can all look forward to another season half season (or more) of Where’s Sacco’s Sack? No doubt there are at least a few ex-NHL coaches who would love to go to the mile high city.

Tonight marks the return of Brad Marchand and Rich Peverley to the Bruins lineup. One from being exiled to Siberia, the other from personal issues that had him depart the team and miss the Tampa debacle.  Undoubtedly their cavalry charge will be at least as successful as this one.

Finally with eleven games on the schedule tonight, those of you having trouble deciding what to watch:

  • Game of the night Senators Vs Sharks, two teams at or near the top and playing well.
  • Slaughter in the making: Oilers vs Blues, with all the injuries to Edmonton’s finest, there isn’t much excuse for Blues to end the night without two points.
  • Defensive Dance: Flames vs Kings, if there are more than four goals scored in this one I’ll be amazed.
  • Gong Show? The Wild vs The Maple Leafs: The Leaf’s are spiraling towards the basement in the east, and all the Wild not on the IR are busy wondering when their turn for casts and surgery is.



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