The Kings are one of seven teams to make a coaching change this season. It has improved their winning percentage, it hasn’t improved their scoring. The Kings are still last in the league in goals for. As has been mentioned before, they don’t have any viable left wings. On the left side they have Dustin Penner, Simone Gagne, Scott Parse and little else. Penner’s stats speak for themselves. Gagne is shockingly out with an injury. Scott Parse will miss the rest of the season. As well as Quick has been playing, adding someone on the left who has traditionally been able to damage is an obvious need.

On the other end of the continent, the Montreal Canadiens are in shambles. Mike Cammalleri publicly expressed some displeasure with the way things are going. The Canadien’s too have made a coaching change, and thanks to the cities rampant anglophobia, made the sitting coach a lame duck. Sitting 12th in the east and fifth in the northeast division isn’t a place anyone is used to seeing the Habs. With fights breaking out in practice, It’s clearly time for a shakeup on the ice in Montreal.

Sending Cammalleri to California gives the Kings a bonafide threat, and lets them add him to Kopitar, Brown and Richards as a fearsome foursome. Going back, the Habs should probably look for the Kings 1st round pick, and at least one or two AHL’ers or prospects who should be NHL ready next year. Cammalleri did play with the Kings before, and was highly productive there including a 39 goal season. With two (or with other moves possibly more) first round picks used wisely, the Habs could put themselves in good position to be the first Canadian city to win the cup since the last time they won it in 1993.

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