Yesterday’s top tidbit on twitter was the release of the NHL’s anonymous player survey by Sports Illustrated detailing the player voted most overrated players in the NHL. While some of the players on the list were there unfairly, like say Bouwmeester who’s stats have slipped, but a look at his minute distribution reveals a big difference in how he’s been used in Calgary vs Florida. Others likes Scott Gomez or Jay-Bo teammate Olli Jokinen there’s not much defense for.

Oddly, the man listed as most overrated is also in a Toronto Maple Leaf’s uniform. In fact the Maple Leaf’s captain Dion Phaneuf, Phaneuf is one of the few players on the team who is finally having the type of season his booster club thinks he has every year. Perhaps most injurious to Komisarek was the right hook Maple Leaf’s General Manager Brian Burke through in defense of the Captain via Twitter:

Dion overrated? Are you kidding! Players who voted in this poll can meet w/Dion in Ottawa at the All-Star Game, where he's a starter!
Brian Burke

No mention is made of Komisarek. No defense at all. Is this a not so subtle indication that Burke too has noticed the spiraling and consistently sub-par and sub-paygrade play. To console himself, Komisarek too mounted the Twitter pulpit and had this to say:

Two different polls...which is better #10 or #4 lol? or
Mike Komisarek

in which he provided a (broken) link to a womens magazine article that says he’s cute. He later corrected it. But like his disastrous and one sided feud with the Milan Lucic, perhaps this shrill attempt to distract from his play and the missing esteem of his peers is something he should just leave alone.

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