I won’t be watching LeBron James. Its not just that I don’t watch basketball and haven’t watched two games in the same season since Sir Charles retired. Its not just that my home town is unlikely to land King James. I just don’t care.

In hockey people are currently all agog that Ilya Kovulchuk has still not decided where he and his family will live the next several years. He’s been undecided since July 1 at least. But he hasn’t addressed the media, he’s let his agent handle that. His agent as talked about what teams may or may not be in the mix. No former teammate has come forward to say he’s landing in this city or that. He certainly hasn’t scheduled a huge, self promoting hour long television special to tell us where he will play. I suspect the first time #17 is televised will be sometime during training camp.

Brett Farve, for all his much talked about decision making inability, has never jerked the media around. He has wrestled with the weighing of will vs. skill, and desire vs. ability, hunger vs. endurance every off season. Its not about money, he comes back with an all consuming hunger. He comes back to win.

The only other person in entertainment who’s ego I can barely compare to LeBron James is Kanye West. And much as I despise, loathe and revile the self-serving, self-centered, attention seeking, media addicted behavior I can’t 1) imagine even that unadulterated fathead scheduling a press conference to announce where he signs his next record deal (even though he will get a bidding war) 2) I can’t imagine MTV, BET or another similar outlet catering to his wish.

The me, me, me limelight and liquor culture of the NBA is all is not for me. This is amazing since I like liquor. But for a team sport to revolve around an individual is a perversion of th highest order. Even back when Jordan returned to the court he got less attention. The NBA has sewn and fertilized the seeds of selfishness and self aggrandizment and have are reaping the whirlwind of falling TV ratings and attendance. Teams have been shuffled across the map as fanbases turn elsewhere for enjoyment, and yet no one in the NBA has figured out why.

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