One of the woes of fans, and occasionally teams over the last half decade has been the lack of ability for teams to address their teams needs by moving multiple players all at once to another team, or two teams. The Mike Richards to LA, Kovalchuk to the Devils and Phil Kessel to Toronto trades count as possibly the two biggest trades since the lockout. It’s not just the salary cap, it’s the ability for players to come back and bite you in the future, over and over, and over again.

Imagine if you will the Chicago Blackhawks in the summer after their Stanley Cup win having the ability to make big, big trades to 3/4ths of the league and knowing they would only see those players twice a year in the regular season. What would someone have paid to get Byfugelien, Versteeg and Campbell all at once? Between the three of them you’ve got the ability to take a team from lottery to playoffs. Given what the New Jersey Devils have gone through trying to return to the playoffs or the Columbus Blue Jackets in trying to make their second playoff appearance, a cap crunch like the one Chicago found themselves in could be a huge benefit for one team and not just several small impact trades.

And as every poster on every sports message board and blog dreams, three team trades could be back on the table. I just don’t remember the last there was an impacting three way trade, or any other. With the potential to rebuild on the fly quickly, what sorts of deals will we see? Will this raise or lower the value of draft picks? Some teams already rely heavily on free agents and trade pieces.  With the realignment respaing the trade topography could the Flames finally find that number once center Iginla has never had? Could the Tampa Bay Lightning find a better defense? Could some GM with a the assetts and moxie land all three (no one counts Jared, sorry) Staal brothers on one team? Could the widening of trade possiblities lead to bigger moves at the draft and start of free agency?

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