With  Daniel Paille suffering a concussion on a fairly clean hit, its Jordan Caron’s time to shine. He’s had time to get comfortable with the system, he’s shown a bit of an edge, and he’s played with Campbell and Thornton. In the next four games the Bruins face the scrappy Columbus Blue Jackets, the LA Kings, division rival Ottawa Senators and the injury riddled Philadelphia Flyers.

There is plenty of room for Caron to not just make the call to put Pallie back in difficult, but move up the depth chart as well.  The most recent example of a player going from the fourth line up is none other than Brad Marchand, but it isn’t uncommon. All it takes is a heaping handful of heart and keeping the feet moving. Four players drafted later in the 2009 class have already played more NHL games than Caron.

Not only can Caron step up and help start a new winning streak, he can potentially help the team long term as well. With a small cap hit and a good skill set if he can seize a top nine position over the next few weeks, the Bruins can move another player or players to get at least one second round draft pick Currently the Bruins don’t have one, having sent it to Toronto who passed it on to Colorado in exchange for Liles. With all the defensive depth in this years NHL draft, and potential top three defensemen expected to stretch well into the second round, a move that shuffles out another player either on the roster or in Providence for a pick in the middle of the second would be a huge boost.

I’m still not sure how it is that Caron lost out on the third line position to Pouliot. This is his chance to correct that, or given the way certain players higher up the depth chart have played potentially move further up. Either way, the time is now.

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