One of the few areas the Bruins have been able to depend on just about every night is the goaltending.

Tuukka Rask: Has had the misfortune of being in net on nights when the Bruins couldn’t score to save their lives no few times. Looks to be on pace for the same number of starts as last season. This is his contract year. Very solid numbers with a .921 Sv% and a 2.25 GAA. Grade: B+

Tim Thomas: “Timmy Trophy” has a .936Sv %, better than his first Vezina year, and a 1.85 GAA, better than either Vezina year. Has not allowed more than three goals even once this season, has three shutouts and a one goal game. Grade: A

Coaches: Very, proactive this year. Line changes happened possibly too much as they attempted to shake the forwards out of the funk the team started the season in. Has inexplicably gone with Pouliot over Caron or Hamill, or various other forwards, but was rewarded for faith in Pouliot and Horton in the shootout on consecutive nights. The coaches have their finger on the pulse of the team. It’ll be interesting to see how long certain forwards are allowed to keep slacking without a severe cut to their ice time. Grade: B+

Management: Made exactly one signing in the off season that can’t be regarded as an endorsement for any of the forwards in the AHL pipleline. Neely had the quote of the year in his statement on the Miller fiasco. Didn’t panic early in the year, but probably could have set a firmer expectation on what would be expected during the off season, and seen to it that the Cup was shipped out or at least screwed down in an office somewhere. Grade: B

1st Quarter 7th Player: Chris Kelly. He’s flat out done it all and looked good doing it. It doesn’t matter who the linemates are, or what the situation is he just get’s it done. After he was picked up from Ottawa last season it was hard to see what he was doing other than playing huge shorthanded minutes that convinced Chiarelli to grab him, but there’s zero question as to why he’s here and


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