It’s a mystery to Bruins fans the globe around how it is that Benoit Pouliot is back in the lineup. Here’s the top ten  reasons why:

10: Claude Julien feels bad for guys the Habs dropped.

9: He got a no competition clause inserted in his contract.

8: Julien is waiting for him to take more penalty minutes than shifts to bench him.

7: The guys in the press box pick on him too much.

6: Jordan Caron, Zach Hamill and every other member of the Bruins organization not on the roster are zombies and the Bruins front office is trying to keep the plague from spreading.

5: He’s in the lineup to make Caron and Hamill look better in preperation for a trade.

4:  He’s a number four draft pick.

3: Dennis Wideman told him how to stick to the starting roster.

2: Jordan Caron is actually employed only to babysit Juliens daughter when they are on the road.

1: Benoit Pouliot makes up the starting roster.

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2 Thoughts on “Top Ten Reasons Pouliot’s Back In the Bruins Lineup

  1. Cmcbeigh on November 23, 2011 at 11:12 PM said:

    Guess the coach knows what he’s doing !! Pouliot wins the game !! After 9 shootout trys by both teams HE scores !

    • Puck Sage on November 23, 2011 at 11:27 PM said:

      Clearly Julien is the bravest coach in the NHL. I can’t imagine the outrage in Boston if Pouliot failed and they lost.

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