Once more into the bottle. The last of the Boston Bruins divisional rivals take to the ice against the knights of north station.  Among them are the Marchand sized Gerbe and Ennis, the Chara-lite Myers and former linemate Patrice Bergeron the always enigmatic Brad Boyes.

Disclaimer: Even if your participation in this game is limited to drinking water something stupid is likely to happen.  No one actually cares what that stupid is since it will be your own damn fault, but if it should happen to get 500 or more votes on one of our favorite sites definitely send us a link, if it involves some hotties send pics too.


Take One Drink:

Any time the words “goalie rotation” are uttered.

Whenever the Bruins and Sabres last playoff meeting is mentioned.

If Lindy Ruff’s tenure is mentioned.

An injury graphic is shown.

Each time someone draws a size comparison among the largest or smallest players is made.

Take Two Drinks:

The changes in Buffalo are shown or mentioned.

A player, even one who isn’t Vanek or Pomminville, leaves the ice with an injury.

Boyes having been a Bruin or Paille having been a Sabre is brought up.

Goalie controversy is used to describe the crease competition in either city.

Any summer pickups by either team are mentioned: Ehrhoff, Regehr, Corvo.

Take Three Drinks:

Whenever you feel like it.

If a comparison is made between Rask and Thomas and Miller and Enroth.

Rookie Luke Adam is compared to Nugent-Hopkins.

The word expectations is tacked onto any mention of performance.

If a player who left the ice with an injury returns.

Take Four Drinks:

If at any point there have been more penalties than shots on goal in the period.

The record for either coach is mentioned.

The record for any of the goalies against the other team is mentioned.

The standings are shown.

There is a fight involving more than 3 million dollars in salary.

Skip a drink:

If Jack Edwards fails to apply the word “rocket” to any shot by Boychuk.

No coach is interviewed during a stoppage or intermission.

Someone breaks a stick.

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