The Bad News:

David Krejci is utterly useless thus far this season. Utterly. He’s got one goal, zero assists and is a team worst -5. Yes, he had a “core” injury, but core and ‘brain’ aren’t the same thing.

Dennis Seidenberg it appears that the German defenseman used up all his hockey sense during the playoffs. He hasn’t been the worst defenseman on the ice, but that’s hardly high level achievement. His puck bobbles are not inspiring.

Joe Corvo earth to Joe holding on to your stick when attempting to block or strip a puck on a full layout at center ice might be useful at some point in your career, or even your retirement in which if you play like this you can be the fourth best defensemen in a Clarksdale Mississippi mens league game. With your ten games to his six and your two hundred and seven minutes to his forty six you have been somehow out hit by Jordan Caron. Could someone explain this?

Merlot Line, this line has been good for about two periods across ten games. That isn’t the line that was worth ten plus minutes a night in the playoffs.

Good News:

Jordan Caron has updated his play from invisible to fairly solid. In Montreal against Montreal he made several nice passes broke up a couple solid plays and short of scoring made the most of his opportunity to play with Pouliot on the shelf. Three hits and four blocked shots is a good use of about ten minutes time. In his previous game he looked reasonably solid as well.

Tuukka Rask is playing solid, aggressive and engaged despite the shameful play in front of him.

Tim Thomas, strong numbers but he can’t do it all.

Julien is doing everything he can to jolly along this group of players in the right direction, I’d recommend dynamite or water boarding but I think the NHLPA would frown upon that.

The rest of the team qualifies as profoundly unknown. Stupid penalties, sporadic good play, catastrophically uneven play and random acts of laziness that make you wonder if the good play or the bad is the real team.


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