The Montreal Canadiens who are injury battered, diminutive, and under-talented are off to their worst start in decades. They haven’t drafted well, they’ve made questionable trades, the coming and going of free agents has been brutal, today General Manager Pierre Gauthier took the obvious and clearly necessary step of removing the biggest obstacle to success from within the organization. Over the objections of Head Coach Jacques Martin, he fired special teams coach Perry Pearn.

Habs fans, ever reluctant to publicly criticize anyone did reluctantly, and with great reticence take to Twitter to express their opinions. Despite the small number of people willing to weigh in on the issue, it somehow tipped over into a minor meme. Here is some of what as been shared:

Did not acquire Vincent Lecavalier ina timely fashion #Pearndidit
Raw Charge Staff
16 year old me went to Perry Pearn's 3vs3. I did not make the NHL. #PearnDidIt
Signed Peter Budaj as the backup #PearnDidIt
parked several cop cars near the centre bell #PearnDidIt
ryan lambert
BREAKING: Closer examination reveals last season's Chara hit on Pacioretty did NOT involve the stanchion... #PearnDidIt
jrwendelman (Junior)
Called Marc Savard a "little fake artist." #PearnDidIt
December 2, 1995, he refused to pull Patrick Roy after the Hall-of-Famer allowed his fifth goal in 17 shots. #PearnDidIt
Daily Faceoff
@ He forgot #PearnDidIt RT @ Pearn failed miserably at getting Andrei Markov's knee to heal faster.
Failed to block Nathan Horton's series-winning slapshot #PearnDidIt
Darryl Finch
Drafted Andrei Kostitstyn one pick before Jeff Carter was taken. #PearnDidIt
Convinced Vancouver it was all right to riot #PearnDidIt
Q.J. Ross
Made Carey Prices Sv% sub-.900 #PearnDidIt
Pension Plan Puppets

See any more great ones? Leave a comment.


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