By now the tale of Tim Thomas is well known to hockey fans. Overlooked, under appreciated, often undervalued and constitutionally incapable of giving up. Well, the Flint Michigan boy has made good. Real good. That may make this the most interesting season of his career for observers.

After all, what does he have left to prove? He’s picked up not one but two Vezina trophies in three years. He owns a Jennings Trophy. He snatched up the record for post season saves this spring. He played in the Olympics he’s practiced in the Lake Placid Olympic facility where his dream was born. He’s got his name on the Stanley Cup. And the list of honors wouldn’t be complete without noting he got the Conn-Smyth which isn’t just an award for being the best goalie, but th best of all the players in the post season.

With all that accomplished many will wonder how he motivates himself this year. Its pretty simple, despite having topped all the levels of success he dreamed of, there are still a few questions left. There are still a few things he can do. The most obvious is punch a sure ticket into the hall of fame. Sure, Chris Osgood is likely to get in so how hard can it be? That said Tim Thomas has yet to hit 200 career regular season wins. He hasn’t yet had a 40 win season either. By some quirk of fate he does have a chance to hit both marks this season. He could even, at least in theory improve upon last seasons save percentage. Another statistic he could stack up is shutouts. He’s not yet finished a season as the shutout leader.

This season, Tim Thomas is just one of the stories will be following and updating throughout the hockey year.

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