Sean Avery who over the last season and a half has been major league sports best behaved bad boy had or at least is alleged to have deviated from the straight and narrow. Of course those doing the alleging, and arresting eventually commencing the evasive maneuvers were non other than the world renowned LAPD. While there may be a police department in the country with a worse local reputation, none is as notorious nationally and probably internationally for the type of shenanigans that really shouldn’t exist outside really bad tv movies.

Originally the New York Rangers budding fashion mogul was alleged to have shoved a police officer upon their second visit to where he was hosting a party. On the first visit he was cooperative, and the police left. On the second he was alleged to have shoved an officer on his porch. He was arrested without further incident. Later multiple sources reported he would not be prosecuted for this. At the time the responses were pretty well divided among those who generally append unpleasant descriptors to Avery’s name as a matter of course, and those who were already planning the end of his career. Very few paid attention to the fact that of Sean Avery and the Los Angeles Police Department, Avery’s the least likely to be involved in the illicit end of a physical crime. estimates that the Stanley Cup Champion Boston Bruins, Presidents Cup winning Vancouver Canucks and the radically remade Philadelphia Flyers along with half a dozen other NHL teams ran up $4,179,500 in cap penalties last season. That is roughly $800,000 less than the Kings have in cap space with superstar defenseman Drew Doughty still unsigned.  The 21 year old blueliner is often compared to the just signed Shea Weber for best talents in their generation, Weber the elder by five years just came off a $4.5million three year deal, which would be a passable deal for the younger Olympic gold medalist, and allow the Kings the luxury of keeping their current roster intact.


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