I looked at my Blackberry at 5:07am on Saturday. Three of the people I follow on twitter were already in position downtown. Ya, I was unlikely to get a great spot. I didn’t much care, but it was amazing to see knowing that the forecast included a hot morning and thunderstorms as late as six pm Friday.  Like thousands, and thousands, and thousands of others I got on the Blue line at Wonderland with friends after barely escaping the first tshirt vendor of the day.

The train was full before we left. The train was Tokyo full when we got to Boston. It was about 8:25 when we switched over to the Green line for the ride to Copley. Fans everywhere showed their appreciation for the team.

Bruins fans show love for #30

Fan ages ranged from these two young ladies above, to

…who clearly appreciates nice young men. Boston’s hockey fans look a lot like Boston itself,

long memories

an appreciation for the finer things in hockey,

one can’t go to a Bruins game, or even the parade and not notice how much love, so many different people have for the team.

Boston Public Library

No parade featuring the Boston Bruins would be complete without recognizing some of the broadcasters, and Jack Edwards and Naoko Funayama were on hand and smiling. Sadly, no one reported seeing Rene Rancourt.

Jack Edwards & Naoko Funayama aboard a duckboat.

With the fun tees and signs just about down, and having covered the coverage, the next post is on the players.  It should be noted that despite several days between winning the Cup and the parade, a full million people in attendance, there were no major disturbances and certainly, no riots.

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