Still 12 minutes left in the game, Thornton was just given a misconduct and The B’s have been kicking Vancouver gluteus all night.  But that isn’t the story.

The fact that this league has allowed Alexandre Burrows to continue playing after the incidents of game 1 has been embarrassing enough but now they have to deal with the act of disciplining Aaron Rome.  And they better or the NHL will become a laughing stock among the big 4 sports.  But what the Bruins have done as a result of that hit has been outstanding…

Boston has shut down the power play, allowing no shots.  All this while scoring two shorties of their own.  The power play looked strong.  Even strength the guys were throwing their weight around.  Pushing Vancouver, letting them know that this wasn’t going to be the cake walk they may have been expecting.  And Timmy…Mr. Thomas was worth every penny of his 5 million dollars this year.  He even had more hits recorded than the Sedins had shots on net at one point. 

It’s no secret that the Left Wing binkie is Milan (hey, he plays left wing!) but it was great to see him come to the defense of his goaltender and let Burrows know in no uncertain terms that he is on Milan’s radar.  Very important for the on ice officials to escort him out of harm’s way at that point or it would have been a painful ending to Alexandre’s night. 

As I wrap this up…and the game has ended, quite the one-sided affair it appeared to be, I can’t help but wonder…What does all of this mean if the Bruins come out flat in the next tilt?  The Boys in Black need to carry this momentum over to the next game, come out physical, put Vancouver on the defensive as soon as the puck drops.  Letting a game, and a motivation, such as tonight, go unused would be a sin.  Just heard Keith Jones say that what Milan did was entertaining and necessary and J.R. disagreeing with Claude, stating that sending a message tonight was absolutely important.  The Left Wing couldn’t agree more.

So the B’s have accomplished Must Win #13.  One game at a time, One must win at a time.

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Born and raised in Massachusetts. Work in human services. Big time hockey and Bruins fan. Have to admit, I have also loved the Red Wings, and still do to a point.

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