Quick wrister from the Left Wing. 

So with the second game of the finals almost upon us, I would be remiss to not mention that tonight’s game is a must win. 

Or is it?

Sorry, but that is all sports radio talking heads have been blathering on about since the end of game 1.  Is tonight a ‘must win”?  Can the Bruins come home with the series tied?  Even today, on the way to the supermarket for the all important four food groups (cookies, cakes, candy and pie), I was inundated with drivel about tonight’s must win scenario.

Is tonight’s game important?  You bet Timmy’s contract it is.  Is it a must win?  Not necessarily.  The Boys in Black have been thriving under the pressure since that first series against their hated rivals, the ones that took the gold medal in diving.  Down 2 games to love (oops, sorry, tennis term) The Bruins pulled up those laces just a bit tighter and won it in 7.  Riding that wave into a sweep and yet another tight one in Tampa, where they again pulled it out. 

The Bruins have played one game in the finals, and with the exception of a late blunder by a defenseman who shall remain nameless, played the favorites to a tie for over 5 minutes, shutting down their potent powerplay in the process.  As stated earlier, is it important, yes.  The Bruins have lost two games in a row twice in these playoffs, after both they won the third game.  I don’t want to see that happen again, but if it does I have the confidence that the B’s will come home and piece together two wins in a row.  As I predicted, this series is going at least 6 and all games will be extremely entertaining. 

There are two ways of looking at this:  Every game in the entire playoffs is a must win, or The Stanley Cup Champions must win 16 games.  Tonight’s game will go a long way towards boosting either the B’s or the Canucks towards the Cup, but it isn’t a must win unless you think of it as must win #13!!

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