This was sent to me very shortly before game 1, due to the internet being fun, it didn’t make it up before then.

Hey all,


Welcome to my little corner of the world.  I’ve finally been given an opportunity to get my viewpoint out about the status and activities of our favorite team.  So on to the obligatory…


Thanks to my great friend “The ‘Sage” for giving me the opportunity to write about a team I am passionate about.  The Sage is already well established and I only hope that I can add to that reputation.


So let’s start at the beginning…


Before the beginning of the season we were left with a sour taste in our collective mouths over an unexpected exit from the playoffs.  Following cries of “Hell one, snowball zero” thanks to New Jack, we were expecting more.  Then came talks of trading Thomas as we discovered what we thought was the second coming in Tuukka.  But the Bruins did the right thing in hanging onto the Vezina winner as he would go on to demonstrate this season.  There were other things such as Savvy’s concussion and Seidenberg’s wrist.  Then there was the rookie…We marveled at his first goal and everyone had hopes of a high goal scorer.


Thomas showed us what he could do with two healthy hips and freedom of movement.  Another Vezina could be on the horizon.  My man Luc started showing us that he wants to be the next…I’m not gonna say it, but I still hold out hope.


We came to the trade deadline and Chia pet wanted something that, The Sage told me, all the cool kids have and he got his PMD.  Some guy named Kaberle.  We overpaid, no doubt, but fans rallied behind this move, even though Kaberle has spent the second half of the season trying to prove us wrong.  Two other players were brought in, and at least one is paying off as Peverley has been playing his heart out.  Kelly has been pretty good on the PK, and I probably wouldn’t send him back.


So here we are in the Finals.  Beating our hated rivals, the Divers, in seven games, and exorcising the demon from last season by sweeping the Flyers.  What a great feeling that was!  The Lightning showed us that they are for real with their talent and gave the Bruins all they could handle.  Thomas stood on his head, and leaned on Reebok for a little assistance to get us here.


This series will be tough, 6 games minimum is my take.  Our top defensive pair is better than what Vancouver can offer but their defense has the ability to score.  The Boys in Black have something more important though, scoring depth.  The third and fourth lines for the B’s have 5 more goals and 12 more points than their counterparts for the guys in green.  Thomas will have to be the Vezina winner again, but the men in front of him will have to play their best and STAY OUT OF THE PENALTY BOX!


One last thought as they literally get ready to sing the national anthems on my television…at the end of the season, one way or the other…do the B’s do the unthinkable and trade a Vezina winner?  No joke, I have heard it mentioned that his trade stock will never be higher and we have the future sitting on the bench.  I say that with all the money coming off the books at the end of the season, and a cap increase, we need to keep this stellar goaltender for another shot next season.  Tuukka will still be there, and we never even talked about the two rookies except for the quick mention at the top!


So lets drop the puck and get this thing started already…


Left Wing Lock



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