Bruins have more depth of scoring and more grit.

Canucks have higher end scorers with more speed.

Points out of 10:

Bruins 8 Canucks 8.5


Bruins have more grit, more size, and better health with a higher level of talent at the top.

Canucks have more speed, more offensive punch, but are not as good in their own zone against physical forwards.

Points out of 10:

Bruins 8.5 Canucks 8.5


Bruins: Better career numbers in the playoffs.

Canucks: Has won on a big stage recently at the Olympics.

Points out of ten:

Bruins 9.5 Canucks 8

Special teams:

Bruins: Have had a horrid powerplay, but statistically speaking its not likely a team can have this weak a powerplay this long. Reasonable penalty kill. Their penalty was only .5% worse than Vancouver’s, and is only .5% below their regular season number now.

Canucks: A long series against the Predators who were 26th in the regular season on the PP slightly inflates their penalty kill numbers, and with a PP clicking at 33% which is 9% higher than their powerplay over the regular season may say more about who they have faced than who they are.

Points out of ten:

Bruins 6 Canucks 9


Bruins: To get to the Finals the Bruins had to first face and beat their arch rivals the Canadiens in a seven game series in which the their captain was out one game and clearly under the weather through the end of the series. Next up they had to go against the team that came back from a 1-3 deficit to beat them, which they did in four games. In the Tampa Bay series they had to go into the series not knowing how long their best all around player and alternate captain Patrice Bergeron would be out. They have been high disciplined and have taken less than twelve minutes of penalties per game.

Canucks: They overcame their personal playoff bugaboos the Chicago Blackhawks in a seven game series, and pulled their number one goalie, and started the backup in a game. Against the Predators their frustration with the play of Pekka Rinne lead to defensive breakdowns and shorthanded goals against. Against the Sharks they lost composure and discipline (as did the Sharks) and abandoned their game, and were still taken to the limit by a very beaten up team. In the post season they are averaging about six more penalty minutes per game.  Reputation aside, Raffi Torres has less than half the penalties of Maxim Lapierre, and a third less than Kevin Bieksa. The three of them have more penalties than the top four most penalized Bruins, and more than the fifth most penalized to non penalized players as well.


Bruins: 8.5 Canucks: 6


Bruins: 40.5 Canucks: 40

There you have it.

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