By this time anyone who needs to be told the Boston Bruin and Vancouver Canucks are gearing up to go after the Stanley Cup probably hasn’t been out of a coma more than twenty five minutes anywhere in the hockey universe. The question of which of these two long parched teams is going to drink from the most storied trophy in the world is one that has set up a near world of angst just over which team is facing the most pressure.

We’ll take a look at a few simple ways to do this, but first a base line comparison.

The Vancouver Canucks, which has a metropolitan area that is the third largest in Canada has no other major sports teams aside from the BC Lions of the CFL. The NBA absconded for Memphis, Tennessee (half the population). Much of Canada has at least temporarily shifted alliances to root for “the home team”.

The Boston Bruins are competing with the Red Sox who are on a torrid pace and in first place, the Boston Celtics who have won more championships than any NBA franchise, and of course the New England Patriots who won three Superbowls in short order for market share. Boston is slightly larger metro area but isn’t even size of Toronto.

So, going off two of the most popular social networks on the planet: Twitter & Facebook for followers we get:

@NHLBruins:  54,555 followers as of 12:36 am May 31st

@VanCanucks: 117,475 followers as of 12:40 am May31st

Bruins Official Facebook page: 714,530

Canucks Official Facebook page:  462,024

If you ignore the fact there is some overlap, and assume each user on both social media is unique, you get 769085 Bruins fans, and 579499 Canucks fans. Quite the interesting numbers considering competing sports entertainment in the markets.

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