This is a feature that will run about every two weeks with improbable stats and situations in the National Hockey League.

A special post season edition of my favorite feature, If I told you in September:

  • Shane Hnidy and Andrew Alberts would both be on teams playing in the Stanley Cup Finals
  • Joe Thornton would be recognized as a having a great post season
  • going into the Stanley Cup Finals Tim Thomas would have the most post season three stars points
  • Brad Marchand would have the best season of all the Bruins prospects and rookies
  • the Nashville Predators would live to see the second round for the first time in team history
  • the San Jose Sharks would go further in the playoffs than the Detroit Red Wings
  • going into the Stanley Cup Finals that of the three series sweeps, the President Trophy winners would be involved in none of them.
  • David Krejci would notch more goals through three rounds than Daniel Sedin
  • of the two teams in the Stanley Cup Finals one would have three players in the top five for +/-, including one and two, and the other would have only one.
  • Joel Ward would emerge as a post season powerhouse for the Nashville Predators
  • The Washington Capitals, Detroit Red Wings, Philadelphia Flyers, Pittsburgh Penguins, New Jersey Devils, and Chicago BlackHawks would all fail to get to the Conference Finals
  • the Boston Bruins under Claude Juline would be in the Stanley Cup Finals
  • the Boston Bruins would be in the Stanley Cup finals and have scored more goals than their opponent in the second season
  • one of the two finalists would enter the series with their top five a combined -4 and the other a +36
  • the most hate mail I would get all day would be for insulting Clay Aikens butchering of the National Anthem

If I told you all these, or even any of these things in September would you have had me locked up?

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