After a performance that nearly soared to piss-poor, we can all hope the officials are not the story of the game again. That said, the players on both sides need to bring a little bit more to the table to make things a good game. The Bruins need to apply a little better defensive pressure, and the Flyers as Laviolette said need to do everything better.

Which Bruins line starts the game? It may sound silly, but at one time I could tell you if the Bruins were going to win the game or not just by which line started and how they did.  So will the Bergeron line start the game as they have several of these playoff games? Will the Krejci line do so? Could Julien go off the grid with either of the other lines? Watch them, they will set the tone for at least the first ten minutes.

Which Mike Richards will show up? Late in the regular season, and even into the first series my Twitter timeline was awash with criticism of his effort, and when I did the Horses and Hopefuls post for the comment on that post, from a Flyers fan says it all.

Can Milan Lucic get a point? While he was key to setting up the Nathan Horton series winner, and is a plus three so far this post season, its actually been less productive points wise than any of his previous three trips.

Will we see a fight? These were the two teams who brought fighting to the Winter Classic, and neither is shy about shedding the gloves, as chippy as it was getting it might ratchet the tension back down on both sides.

With Boucher starting, and his 2.95 GAA against the Bruins how long will he be in net? Three goals in the playoffs in a high hurdle.

What’s Pronger going to pull out of his bag of tricks this time? He started the sparks in game one selling an interference call on Paille on an icing, and earning a slashing call.

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