The series is guaranteed to be very different for both teams than than their first round matches. Both teams are physical, both reply on their physicality, and their opponents to key their emotions, and sharpen their play.  Here are the key story lines to series.

Missing in action:

Milan Lucic and Chris Pronger will each be looked to for greater input on this series than the last. While its unlikely we’ll see the two of them throwing the body at each other, neither will pass up the opportunity to make an impact on the scoreboard or someoness body.

Net math 3 != 1

Tim Thomas is not Tukka Rask, nor is he one of the three goalies to start for the Flyers in the first round, or the fourth guy who got dressed. Tim Thomas will need to match or better his first round .926 2.25 numbers to get to the conference finals. The platoon of goalies in Philadelphia will have to step up just to compete.


Neither Mike Richards, nor David Krejci has had the impact of the formers hit on the latter in the playoffs thus far. Krejci has more goals, with just one, and Richards has more points. With depth being what separates contenders from champions, these two will need to kick the dust of the spurs and get into it this round.

After the giants

Pronger and Chara are two of the most imposing and impressive men ever to play their position. But this series will not be decided by them, it will be Seidenberg, Ference, and Mcquaid dueling with Timonnen, Mezaros, Coburn. How these guys stand up to their opponents is probably the single most interestting subplot of the series.

Is it really a power play?

Neither team had a useful power play in the first round, if either team can ignite theirs this could be a tipping point in the series.


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