Honestly, I don’t want to, I’m not really looking forward to putting away my jerseys, but it may become reality. It isn’t a statement about the player who’s jersey I was wearing yesterday, or even the play of the team as a whole. My problem is two fold and at least one of them is an issue we all face to one degree or another.

I’ve noticed the last three or four times I’ve gone out in a Bruins jersey that I just can’t get anything done. Yesteday while helping an elderly relation run errands I couldn’t get anywhere without someone stopping me. This person regularly takes forty plus minutes to buy just enough to squeak through the express lane. I was slowing her down. Well, the people who stopped in front of me for some impromptu puck talk did. Off the top of my head I’d say in once grocery store in one of the North Shore’s medium sized towns I was stopped by no less than six or seven people. Two of them seemed ready to talk until game time today. One or two just wanted to hear what I thought of the last game or the next.

We had to stop at another small store on the way home. Yep. Same story. What should have been a five minute excursion turned into fifteen. The elder I was escorting said they were going to to get a Bruins jersey just so people would talk to her. I have less than zero idea why people would stop me to talk to. It’s not like I wear a big sign that says: I’m bored, say something tweetable. I’m certainly not anyones idea of good looking and being about as far from a morning person as can be got, it wasn’t the ear to ear grin I was wearing at times I consider perfectly reasonable to be considering my breakfast options in the early double digit hours of the day.

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