Did the Bruins score tonight? No, could they have possibly. Remember this is the mostly the same squad that squeezed the life out of Alexander Ovechkin, Alexander Semin, Mike Green, Sidney Crosby, Evgany Malkin and all the rest. Those were two of the most powerful offenses then last year, but each lacked a viable defense and neither had a top shelf goalie.

The Bruins had two legitimate breakdowns in an otherwise dominant performance. The first period goal was a misread of the play by Kaberle that left Gionta alone in front. The second was the result of Lucic getting stick checked ten feet inside the blueline, and Seidenberg failing to get the block. These were not the result of long term apathy or failure to clear the puck from their own zone, they allowed just twenty shots on goal. It wasn’t the result of people tripping over their own goalie, or the goalie getting run over. Lucic is a steady presence in the playoffs and entered this off season a +12 in second season play, even having been badly hobbled last year. Kaberle hasn’t been in the playoffs since the lockout, and the Leafs system even then was a touch different from the current Boston modus operandi.

In other areas, the Bruins dominated the faceoff circle led by Bergeron, Krejci and Kelly. They hit well and often. They also blocked shots at a solid pace.

I’m not nearly as worried about the loss as i would be if they came out and did nothing for two and a half periods and tried to win in the last five minutes. This was a loss, and as a series opener it has some stature, but as we well know from watching Thomas do it to other teams for years, sometimes you just run into a goalie who’s game is unbeatable that night.

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