I’m always amazed, and disgusted when people who don’t otherwise have the time of day hockey, or at least direct interface with fans pop out of the woodwork to condone an action and make sweeping comparisons to other actions whose connection is tertiary at best. These are the media members who had they the intestinal fortitude for a long education would be the slimy form of lawyer who chases ambulances and can always find a way to collect a fee. Worst of all, their generalizations are so ill informed they have the simplicity which to those who haven’t taken the time to think about something for themselves.

If we were talking about another sport for example, this would be the type of commentator who would come out and call a basketball fight the most “shameful” thing that happened on a basketball court since Dennis Rodman did whatever.  In the only display of truth and sense in their statement would be saying they didn’t remember another incident like it since then, simply because they don’t pay attention to anything but the biggest stage. Let’s not forget, this is the biggest stage. The Boston Bruins and Montreal Canadiens have been for almost a century, and probably will remain the biggest rivalry in the National Hockey League for another century. Had this been Shea Weber (who for certain segments of the hockey watching populace has the benefit of being Canadian) hitting Adam Burish in the same way, in the same place, with the same result, these people wouldn’t even show up at the dance.


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