5) It appears, that the Dan Boyle decided to take matters into his own hands and score a quick goal in the early going and get the fair weather fans back on his side, Nabokov played a solid game behind a defense that was solid if not spectacular.
4) We’ll know the answer to this one later, but I suspect a Tuesday night will not draw that many viewers. The Pittsburgh – Ottawa game had so little flow and soul I expect it could win American Idol.  Part of this was just some dumb play and like in the Flyers – Devils tilt the lions share rested on the plate of the officiating. I think both sets of officials were looking to be first star of the game.
3)  Well, maybe. You’ll have to decide what you think. Please note they like their tinfoil hats shiny side out and made of recycled materials.
2) Sadly no, the delightful and deluded fans proved that their is a bottom to the depth of Hab’s hatred. But fear not, anytime you feel the need for a stroll across the square at Memory & Twitter, just click here.
1) None that I saw, but then again I cried at the end of Old Yellar…

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