With three difference games we saw three ways to win. The Bruins came back to win a tight game on the strength of their defense. The Capitals reminded the hockey world they scored more than anyone in the regular season and led from the word go.  The Kings on the other-other hand decided to put on a special teams exhibition that just dared the officials to change the man count on ice.

5) Judging by the way the two teams played,  one would have to say the Bruins won this emotional battle with themselves. Sobotka get’s his first NHL fight, Wideman gets his first NHL playoff goal, and Bergeron get’s his first playoff Game Winner. The Sabres were in no way flat, but the Bruins had that extra it that it took to get the job done.

4) In a word, yes the Kings best can outplay the cream of the Canucks crop, but not without some bench support from Handzus and a pair of truly commanding special teams.

3) Pretty much.  While the Caps started and ended the game with the same guy shading the blue paint, the Habs had to embrace the man they have derided and ridiculed for little reason for the past two years.

2) Sorta, they did however skip showing part of a fight for no other reason than incompetence. But hey, they didn’t make the same mistake twice (in a row)!

1)  Only the war room in Toronto. On a goal that had nothing to indicate a distinct kicking motion the boffins and brain trust took roughly twice as long as the last lockout to make the wrong call.

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