Yes ladies and gentleman, the NHL trade deadline is less than two weeks away. NHLNumbers,  CapGeek, Kuklas Korner, and Spectors are all buying extra bandwidth, other sports outlets are using these days to set their advertising prices on hockey pages for the year, and many players have probably carefully drown their phones to avoid texts, tweets and calls about rumors circling them.  But lost in the shuffle is how much of what is said, hinted at and is speculation at best and pure self serving lies at worst.

The Lecavalier to Montreal rumors swirled in the bowl for years, and refused their rightful deserts of a good flush despite all the statements by Lecavalier and the various suits at the Tampa Bay Lightning. Less persistent, but of equally odoriferous were the Malkin to the Kings rumors. More recently Ilya Kovalchuk was linked to the Kings, the Islanders, his former team the Atlanta Thrashers, half the KHL and Santa Clause over the summer, as we all know the New Jersey Devils were his destination.

For at least the last three years Thomas Kaberle has been “linked” to the Boston Bruins. Aside from being the “puck moving defenseman” that every team wants. Admittedly he’s been linked to other team, but not nearly as frequently. The radio silence some parties involved have asked for has been as easy to find as back to back sell outs for the Blue Jackets. At one point it was Phil Kessel for Kaberle, at draft picks, prospects and roster picks have rotated through the other half of the equation (and sources tell me that The Bruins refusal to include  a hockey puck autographed by Bourque and Orr for Burkes mantle was the drop dead point on one trade deal) and all of these deals have been close very close, or done deal.

I love speculation on potential trades as much as the next fan. I just prefer to get all my fantasy bound in a book and clearly labeled as such.  The rumor mongering surrounding the Kaberle deal and the Boston Bruins is coming from the same sources it always does. I’m not saying they are 100% wrong, or even that it’s malicious, but don’t forget they are all paid to generate traffic on their websites and viewers on their shows. I’ll listen on other deals, but for now I’d rather find out what it’s like to live in a city of werewolves in my own personal flesh, or maybe encounter an invisible dragon in a patch of dark woods than read one more headline about how the Kaberle deal is done until it is done and announced on the Maple Leafs website and wherever he lands.

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