I’ve never been a big fan of certain types of media institutions. Like other institutions where accountability is nonexistent, and who you know and what you know about them are more important measuring sticks for who gets ahead than quality of workmanship, intelligence and integrity things don’t bear much resemblance to any objective reality. When you can make reality whatever you want simply by writing it and it getting the rubber stamp of approval from someone who’s job is to make sure there’s a block of words to put between the important advertisements, you get a similar level of responsible behavior as adorn the pages of TMZ and other outfits of its ilk.

Here’s an example of what comes from the Ivory Tower for those of us not gifted with the natural ability to be allowed on the premises:

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What?!?! I could’ve sworn NHLers adored fights! RT @Nicole2987: “It’s not a hockey game. It was just stupid.” -Kris Letang

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Which is Adam Proteau’s way of knocking a huge, sprawling issue involving two entire team rosters, coaching staffs, the on ice officials and players put on injured reserve because of a previous meeting and eradicating all the complexities so it can be understood by a select type of individual. Marching in lock step with the obliteration of the complex is the removal of truth, sense and logic. In short while decrying the violence of an individual game that just about anyone can agree was over the line, he extinguishes credibility by setting up his own strawman to further decry the violence he claims to be against. Note, at best this is a self servicing claim and may just be an outright fabrication. After-all, just a short while ago he attacked someone who has been involved with hockey at every level and made his own implied threat of violence against them.

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What’s gotten into Mike Babcock? Is he really saying a headshot ban wouldn’t curb physicality in hockey? Obviously, he needs more headshots.

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As anyone knows, you get to win the Stanley CUp as a coach multiple times by accident and without any knowledge of the game. Just as you win the Jack Adams award for best coach out of pure pity, and not for any actual competence. Therefore, according to logic and consistency equal to what Proteau has displayed Mike Babcock is a pitiful coach with no understanding of the game. In truth, to any observer with the same level of intellectual firepower Proteau displays has to wonder how Babcock even has a job.

For the benefit of those prepared to defend Proteau, I’ll put it into one simple summary.  Taking things out of context, distorting them beyond recognition, all while engaging in outright hypocrisy is lower, viler and more contemptible than any sort of honest head to head goonery by and between adults. Not that anyone should be surprised by this, he is the columnist who calls Matt Cooke a victim.

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