Overall the 2019 Bruins dev camp was an exercise in confirmation bias.

The Don Sweeney and company trotted out several of this years picks, and most of the recent picks not playing in the NHL or AHL for the full year last season and compared them nose to nose and tail to tail. I can tell you the overall assessment they arrived at of the group of properties and invitees as a whole.

There’s a couple axis of examination they’ll have applied to the group the important ones are:

  1. The returning draftees performance and testing results versus prior years.
  2. This years draftees versus players drafted in a similar place in previous years.
  3. Returning invitees versus their own previous results.
  4. This years draftees versus their performance at the combine and the aggregate
  5. Coachability

I suspect the conclusion they came to is that there’s no one who participated in this years on ice events who is so  far behind the pack they don’t belong on the same ice surface. Most of the players they expected to progress did. Aside from the (mostly older) standouts I mentioned in my last post there are a couple players of note.

Josh Maniscalco (defenseman) is heading back to Arizona State for a second year, and he’s got reasonable wheels, and a nice set of hands.

Casey Dornbach (right wing) is a Harvard man, and as he’ll be 22 on July 7th, one of the older guys in camp. He drew the eye nearly every time he was on the ice. Agile, good speed and a solid shot.

Samuel Asselin is interesting in two regards, he’s shown the last two season in the Q to be a playoff performer, and his overage season saw him more than double his previous years points. He looked comfortably among the top third of forwards at camp and Providence fans will see him up close.

Justin Richards another invitee was intriguing. You just sort of blinked a few times and he had the puck, and was taking a shot or making a pass and then boom his cloaking device activated again. Just plain gone.

John Beecher looked like he had good fundamentals, but is likely to be at college two years, and maybe a year in the AHL after that.

As always you can find the podcast I co-host Two Man ForeCheck anytime you need a hockey fix. This week we’ll be looking at free agency, the 2013 draft class, and more. Or possibly none of that, most of it is made up as we go along.



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