I’ve run a league about since when this blog started, and this year is no different. We have our four core players, a couple others who have been around a bit, and a couple new players.

The league has three each at right, left, center, two goalies and five defensemen and a bench. Just about all offensive categories are counted, as well as hits, most goalie stats and faceoffs. Its not an easy league to play in and every year we have people who never even make it past the draft.

One of the things I believe most strongly in is that Yahoo does overvalue certain players. Some of them are ten or twelve spots high, and that’s more than a round in an eight team league. Some of them are twenty to thirty spots over ranked and if you get distracted, end up having to autodraft, or simply have a technical failure they can ruin your team and destroy your chances of having a good year if anyone in your league knows what they are doing. For the most part I pay very close attention to the don’t draft list, and grab players who fill a stat column after the fourth or fifth round.

This year my list is pretty short, with one reluctant pick in Corey Perry, and two or three head scratchers in Alex Steen, Tyler Toffoli, and Henrik Zetterburg who are all between slightly to high, and far, far to high and ranked towards the space our draft will end.

Also on the list are the Monreal Canadiens Alex Galchenyuk who I love the potential of, but haven’t loved the results of, Mikeal Backlund, Derrick Brassard, and Boston Bruin Frank Vatrano who might not make the roster at all

Who is on your “Don’t draft list”?

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