2nd quarter started for the Bruins with their 11/26 game against the Carolina Hurricanes and ran through game 41 1/10 against the Penguins. The team sits at first in the division, having served themselves nuked Penguins twice in the past month.

Zdeno Chara: B+, like Bergeron a minus player in just three games in the first quarter. Leads the defense in points, goals, time on ice, leads the Bruins in shots on goals. Still needs to be more menacing. McQuaid and Stuart should not be providing the majority of the blueline snarl.

Mark Stuart: Incomplete: Injured.

Matt Bartowski: 1 game, played unremarkably. No grade.

Johnny Boychuck: C-. Still not shooting well, has zero goals, and only seven assists on the season. He has played reasonably well defensively, but if there is one defensemen on the squad who can help bring the team into the top third of the NHL in scoring, its Boychuck.

Andrew Ference: A- played far less with Chara and more with McQuaid, and still maintained a high +/-. Physical, fast and not afraid to drop the gloves for any team mate.

Adam McQuaid: B has quietly picked up the role of assistant enforcer, and has played solid defense. With only sixteen shots on goal, needs to remember what percent of shots not taken don’t go in.

Steve Kampfer (Rookie): B+  The growth curve on this kid has been scary. He was a late cut from camp, wore the C in the rookie games, and then spent the first quarter of the year in Providence. Has played 15 NHL games and has only been a minus player once.  If he keeps developing, someone else becomes expendable.

Dennis Seidenberg:  B, somehow, very, stealthily you’ve crept into 2nd in scoring for Bruins defensemen. The physical play and smart defense are good, but a look at the game logs will show he needs to be more on his game against physical opponents.

Tuukka Rask: C+ has half his win total in the tail end of the quarter, oddly his Sv% is his third best on the year.

Tim Thomas: A, Duh.

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