One of the things that greatly annoys me about the only other sport I pay any attention to is accessibility. Or rather the lack of. While I’ve listed before, and will again the things that NHL management has goofed, hosed or just screwed up, today’s post is a bit more positive.

I’m a New Englander born and raised, we know what football team that makes me a fan of. My work and occasionally travel schedule is intense, chaotic and not prone to neat Monday-Friday 9-5 type regularity. When I get the chance to enjoy a game, its great that the NHL let’s me.

I was out of town not long ago hoping to listen to the local heros of the gridiron. No internet access to it. Not on tv, and when I opened up my smartphone radio app I couldn’t even listen the station was streaming some garbage talk program when I was craving a game.

Let’s compare this to the NHL. Last year, I listened to about a dozen out of market games through the same app, watched about fifty games on my computer, and was able to rerun full games right online anytime. I don’t have to pay the NHL to listen to a radio broadcast of any game I want. Like a lot of people the only radio I own is the one in my car, which is limited to what stations are in range. If I’m sitting at my computer in some back corner of nowhere its nice to be able to watch and listen to games when I want.

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