With Marco Sturms tenure with the Bruins laying firmly in the crosshairs of the salary cap, injuries and the surprising play of others, it was only a matter of time before the trigger was pulled. Before you get overwhelmed by the Bruins not so many woes, let’s take a look at some of those woes.

Woe 1) The Bruins need better defense.

Sure, being the best in the NHL, in a conference with five (six if you count Lucic) of the top goal scorers, and six of the top goal scoring teams is clearly a sign of faulty defense. I’m not sure why any mobs haven’t already strung up Peter Chiarelli, Claude Julien, Geoff Ward and the rest of the Bruins management, Cam included. Atrocious.

Woe 2) The Bruins want a puck moving defenseman.

Well, so do 29 other teams in the NHL, and probably every other team in every other hockey league on the planet. Every little girl on the planet wants a pony too, that doesn’t mean they need one. With very few exceptions, puck moving defensemen (once called two way defensemen) are the streaky wingers of the blueline. Of the defensemen who were in the top five for points last season, none are currently in the top five, and only Duncan Keith is in the top ten. He’s a -7 on the year. The Chicago BlackHawks have scored about one eighth of a goal more per game, and allowed just under a goal per game.

Woe 3) The Bruins aren’t scoring enough!

This is nearly legitimate. When the Penguins last won the Cup, they headed into the post season having scored twenty three goals more than they allowed. In other words they had a +23. Today, right now the Bruins sit with a +25. With their top play-maker Marc Savard having spent time on the shelf, and not back to full capacity yet, and with David Krejci missing time being 11th in the NHL with just a few percentage points separating them from ten is a nice place to me. I can’t imagine guys like Lucic, Bergeron, Chara, Savard being complacent and not wanting to get into the top ten, or even the top five before the end of the season.

Woe 4) Why aren’t they doing anything with all the cap space?

Even with Sturm gone, the Bruins are still pretty tight to the cap. The reason for moving him, and not the salary of a slightly higher paid winger was that they didn’t want to rock the boat. You may not have noticed, but the Bruins have scored more goals, and allowed less than anyone in their division. This is considered by a few people to be a winning formula. While Kevin Paul Dupont of the Boston Globe reports, there were Dallas Stars scouts at the Philadelphia and Buffalo games, I’d be surprised to see anything huge come out of it. The west is so tight this year, that I’ll be amazed if we know anything more than which teams won’t make the playoffs before the final week or two of the season. If something does happen I wouldn’t be surprised if it was something like C, D to Dallas, W, Pick to Boston.

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