It’s not a secret that I despise diving. I’ve written the odd piece on the subject, once or twice (ok so its actually an enormous bugaboo that I prattle on about pretty often ) and I’m pretty happy with the NHL finally taking steps to control the dippy soccer like behavior of some players and franchises.

Here’s the rule chance directly from

DivingThe fact that coaches will now be fined is now more than ok with me.

So which players are most likely to deserve a fine this season?

  • Jeff Skinner, on the rare occasions the former figure skating star is on the ice he’s clearly auditioning for a post-hockey career in soap operas.
  • Alexandre Burrows, with Tortorella still at the helm Burrows might be kept in check, Willie Desjardins is an unknown, unlike the duly esteemed Alexandre Burrow.
  • Dustin Brown, he does many, many things right and is most regards a model player, on the other hand it certainly appears to the impartial observer that his skates come complete with a great deal of helium.
  • Sidney Crosby, while he tends to be more subtle about it than some players on this list, there’s no doubt “The Next One” has embellished more than his share of slashes, trips, and the rest.
  • Brad Marchand, while he’s pound for pound one of the stronger players in the game, you can tell when the other team gets in his head because he starts falling down a lot.
  • Martin Brodeur, legend he may be but if he were as weak as he appears every time an opposing player makes contact or near contact with him he’d never be able to scramble like he does.
  • Mike Ribiero, (this space left intentionally blank.)
  • Henrik & Daniel Sedin, the Swedish Swan-divers are almost as good at falling down and finding each other on the ice.
  • Carl Hagelin, has the speed to avoid pretty much any player in the NHL, but can’t seem to avoid sticks and other impediments that aren’t even there.
  • P.K. Subban, a guy with all the talent in the world who has been known to take the express elevator to the ice on a pretty regular basis.

I’m sure there’s one or two I missed, who would you add?

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3 Thoughts on “Most In Need Of Fines: NHL Diving Rule Change

  1. Mike Magoo on September 12, 2014 at 2:41 PM said:

    Interesting list and I dig your blog. Not sure I agree on this one. Hate Crosby’s whining and he’s a flopper but I give him a little leeway since he gets keyed on so much. I’ve never seen Hagelin flop and Brown isn’t notorious. The Canadians as a team vs the Rangers in last year’s playoffs was the most shameless display since Emilio Estevez tried to get the Ducks to dive in MD1.

    • pucksage on September 12, 2014 at 6:04 PM said:


      Welcome to the Show!

      Hagelin does dive, he’s probably not in the top ten, but he’s there. Crosby is talented at everything he does.

  2. Tommy Ettinger on October 7, 2014 at 3:32 PM said:

    Well I can’t argue Sids dove but he’s gotten a lot better then he used to be about it with exception of that unfortunate moment the ref swung his arms into his face but I tihnk ovechkins had some pretty bad dives himself really over the top ones at that

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