It’s that time again gentle readers. We are at the beginning of a new epoch in the careers a couple hundred hopeful young men. Two hundred and ten of them will be drafted in Philadelphia. Many will be present, some will go high and hard, some will fall, and others will splash into the pool of ignominy, much like enthusiastic participants of this here drinking game.

To play along you will need three different beverages, and of course the ability to see and hear the draft.

Beverage 1:

Take one sip:

  • a current NHL player is shown on the screen.
  • a coach is mentioned as being new in his current position.
  • a prospect is said to have leadership qualities.
  • the combine is mentioned.
  • an NHL or team executive is shown and their playing career is mentioned
  • a picture of Philadelphia that has nothing to do with hockey is shown.
  • A team makes a dramatic pause in the middle of their selection.

Take two sips:

  • A prospect is selected and they stop to hug, high five or shake hands with more than five people.
  • A trade of players you’ve never heard of occurs.
  • A team trades for a first or second round pick in next years draft.
  • pictures or video is shown of a former NHL player
  • Free agency coverage is mentioned.
  • each time a place or team is referred to as a “X factory” (goalie, defense-man, NHL draftee…)
  • a prospect is called “coachable”
  • two or more NHL players are mentioned as having played on the same Junior or College team.


Beverage 2:

Take one sip :

  • A team representative mentions addressing a need.
  • how long a draftee is away from being an NHL player is discussed.
  • A franchise is mentioned as being in a rebuilding mode.
  • More than four representatives of a team go up on stage to announce a pick.
  • A “top 10” prospect is shown before his name is called.
  • a prospect is asked who they model their game on.

Take two sips:

  • the Flyers fans in attendance fail to loudly boo a rival teams representatives.
  • Flyers GM Hextall appears on stage or screen and doesn’t get a standing ovation from local fans.
  • someone speculates on “the Russian factor” of where a prospect has or will be taken.
  • A general manager pronounces themselves happy or satisfied with the draft.
  • Craig Button or Bob McKenzie express surprise at where a player was drafted.
  • Whenever someone is asked about changes to their position or the team.


Beverage 3:

Take two sips

  • a player is drafted that is related to one or more current or past NHL players.
  • a player is drafted and is related to one or more NON-hockey professional athletes.
  • a baffling trade of NHL players is announced.
  • a team trades out of the first round.
  • anytime two players in a row are taken from any league other than the OHL.
  • a prospect is shown in their jersey and it looks like a little kid wearing his dad’s jersey.


Triple Deke, when ever an item on the list happens, take one sip of each beverage.

  • A player is drafted five or more spots above where they were projected to go.
  • A general manager says “we really liked (player’s name) and…”
  • a coaching vacancy is mentioned.
  • a player falls more than 12 spots below where they were projected to go.
  • the number of times a team has drafted in a particular range in the last decade is mentioned.
  • two or more OHL players are drafted in a row.
  • anytime a player who makes more than four million a year is traded.
  • video of Ron Hextall playing is shown (one bonus sip if footage includes a fight.)


Please remember neither PuckSage, the NHL, your internet service provider, you fourth grade teacher, first crush, last crush, the monsters under your bed, and the voices in your head and or anyone else you might want to blame for any stupid things that happen after you take the dubious step of taking part in the drinking game. Please keep PuckSage updated with those stupid things if you somehow retain the ability. Comments here or tweets to @PuckSage will be very entertaining, but do not signify anyone or anything condones your deleterious actions, and just as a friendly reminder there is no delete option for anything that makes it onto the internet.

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