So if I were Matt Cooke, I’d have my head on a swivel and my name on a will tonight. Because the list of guys who will express their displeasure with him would be worrisome to anyone who spent a few minutes on Youtube or over at

Zdeno Chara is a 6’9 250+ skating menace to the uncivil when he wishes to be. Given the wrath he displayed on several occasions last year and throughout his career, Matt Cooke might be looking up at the scariest man in the NHL with his gloves off tonight. It could also herald the return of the physical element that has been notably downsized in Chara’s game this year.

Milan Lucic, just take a look at some of his fight and think about what it looks like when he’s upset. Now imagine it being you he’s upset with. Or just ask Mike Komisarek, and his doctors. Lucic is also the man who provided us with the through-the-glass check that will adorn highlight reels for a long, long time.

Mark Stuart. He’s already had six fights this season, despite having missed time with injuries. This is two more than any other NHL season. His name is linked with Scott Stevens every time he detonates on someone in open ice. With his gloves on or off, this man is dangerous.

Shawn Thornton. He’s fought every ghoul and goon in the NHL from Laroque and Brashear on down the list, he’s compiled a hell of a record while doing so too.

Marc Savard is both well liked by his team, and a huge piece of the puzzle. Someone will be taking a piece of Cooke tonight, its only a matter of who and how hard.

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