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Last season, much against the wishes of the Pittsburgh Penguins, their fans and everyone interested in a longer series, the Boston Bruins swept the Pittsburgh Penguins in the eastern conference finals. Everyone knows this. The number of goals scored by the Penguins in four games wasn’t impressive for one game. And yet the NHL’s website, where presumably every writer and editor has access to the playoff results and or the internet as a whole put up a headline making it look like the results were exactly reversed.

It would be nice to believe this is the result of a momentary lapse. Unfortunately the NHL’s habit of marketing their spin over anything objective even if that “not made here” concept or personality would be better for the NHL as a whole. Instead of marketing the entire 30 team, 12 forward, six defensemen goalie and a backup league they’ve pitched two or three guys, in spite of whatever image that player might have in or out of their home market.

And now this. This is a clear statement of the result that was wished for, but that Dan Bylsma’s squad couldn’t deliver. How in the world did this headline go live? Smaller sites lack redundant staff for this sort of event, the NHL is a $3billion a year enterprise. So what happened?

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