Dear NHLNetwork,

This letter is to express my thanks. As a hockey fan, a lover of history and someone who greatly appreciates high quality execution, I am glad I was able to watch two documentaries yesterday. Long time readers here will know I’m not easily impressed. I expected last nights efforts to disappoint. I really truly did. I watched anyway knowing there was nothing I wanted to see half as much.

Both shows were a marvel. As a genuinely jaded individual and not one of the dilettante poseurs  who are professionally bored with everything, I take it as a given that production values on TV will be forever lacking. The warmth where others keep a heart when pleasant surprises while a little disconcerting was still welcome. The shows were filled with facts and evidence and people who knew what they were talking about! Marvel of marvels, only one of the players nation of birth was referenced.

An entire evening of good hockey television was had without provincial, priggish and pedestrian mooing’s of “good Canadian boy” or mind-numbing orations that wander all over the place for no purpose other than assuring viewers the speaker is really, really the bestest of buddies with whoever is (supposed to be) being discussed. The video editing was fantastic as well. The old videos were cleaned up nicely, but still left you knowing their was decades separation between the video and present day. Best of all, when Stephen Whyno, Mike Milbury and others shuffled into the shows as the night progressed their names were actually put on the screen each time.

It was an excellent night of TV watching NHL Rivals and Top 10 Goalies in NHL History. My beloved, and expensive NHLNetwork, why am I writing to thank you for someone else’s excellent programming? That’s simple, while you were busy doing what you do best, which is not show hockey, and running a news show on infinite loop I was able to tune into NBCSN. If there had been a hockey game on, or one of the surprisingly interesting NHL36 episodes covering a whole team, I would have missed out.


All my love and respect,

Puck Sage

P.S. I look forward to tuning into great shows like this again soon.

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