Matt Hunwick, we hardly knew you, and now you’re an Avalanche.


Good luck, I always liked your heart. Even on the nights when your head was elsewhere you laid your body on the line.  You had your spleen removed while you were here, you nearly had your eye gouged out by Mike Komisarek, and you had a memorable fight with some nameless git on the Carolina Hurricanes.  While some of us found you maddeningly inconsistent, we all love your shot, adore your skating and hell, you gave grown men a chance to call you “Hunny” with your breakouts and sick puck handling. I think you’re solid at defense, but maybe the Avalanche will convert you back to a winger. I think with your speed and shot you might succeed their beyond what you can do as defenseman. I doubt this trade was highly personal, it’s just a matter of salary movement and you got the ticket west. We both know others will be leaving the hub of hockey. But who knows, Glen Murray returned, you might too. I doubt the guy you were traded for, a former BU Terrier, Colby Cohen, will see the roster anytime before the All Star game at the earliest, Kampfer and Bartowski are probably arguing right now over which of them will end up in your locker. Both deserve a shot, and you still get to go play for an upcoming team. As a veteran of three different playoff series you may find yourself a leader on your new team.

Much success (except against the Bruins),

Puck Sage

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