Whether you believe or not that hackers are responsible for the idiotic things that have come out of Tyler Seguin’s Twitter account are the actions of hackers or not, it is pretty obvious he didn’t actually write them. Once upon a time I worked in the wireless industry, and hacking cell phones is neither new, nor all the difficult depending on what you want it to do.

There are even the “grey area” apps that will let an unscrupulous person install their spy app on a phone, and never show up in the menu or application list. These apps can do a number of things like forward all your messages to a preprogrammed address and then delete them from the sent file. They can copy passwords from various other apps like your bank, social media accounts and email.

News on hacking, virus-ware, and spyware isn’t hard to come across, and isn’t limited to any particular operating system. There are claims that some hacks can be accomplished with as little information as just a cell phone number. The mobile security software boom began about five or six years ago, and includes software for all the major operating systems from iOS, and android, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone have security apps.

Let’s not forget what network was most visibly hacked. Twitter is an open source project that pretty much anyone can get the source code to directly from Twitter, and with a a little work likely otherways as well. We all know email hijacking and spoofing has been going on since the mid 90’s, its not even that difficult if you know a little bit about how browsers work, and people are foolish enough to have poor security on their accounts.

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