The Boston Bruins have been fortunate in the last few years to acquire players with high end talent, some of which hasn’t fit in with the Bruins system. Of those players some have been hung around the Bruins neck like an anchor, some have been offloaded.

1: I was struck by the number of times that Iginla mentioned the words “family”, “fun”, and “battle”. We’ve heard for years and years that Iginla didn’t want to leave Calgary because he didn’t want to be away from family. Moving to Pittsburgh was one part of the journey along the road, perhaps the playoff series and the Seguin trades bridged the gap the rest of the way to getting here. Fun is a word most people can’t apply to their jobs, but given the number of times Iginla used the word “fun” says he still has the will to play, and perhaps a bit about his time in Pittsburgh. Specifically using the word ‘battle” as opposed to “play hard” or “skate” says a lot about the work ethic he expects of himself.

2: Chiarelli specifically stated that Jarome Iginla fits the Bruins system and style of play. Hearing this on the heels of trading Tyler Seguin who has a very, very poor fit for the Bruins should excite Bruins fans. Chiarelli also says he can envision Jarome Iginla playing a shutdown style of hockey with Bergeron’s line or a more offense first game with Krejci.

3: Win now. Both Peter Chiarelli, and Jarome Iginla talked about winning now, contending now, wanting the cup now. Iginla was drafted 1st overall by the Dallas Stars in 1995, he’s played more than 1200 regular season. He made the finals just once back in 2003-04, and had been out  the playoffs on an ever worsening team for four years until being traded to Pittsburgh. For Peter Chiarelli, he’s gotten his first cup, he came close again this year, and he had that deep run as an assistant general manager back in Ottawa. Neither o these two is satisfied with their career as of now, both want to part of the next Stanley Cup parade, and the one after that.

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One Thought on “3 Jarome Iginla – Peter Chiarelli Takeaways

  1. LarryT on July 7, 2013 at 11:44 AM said:

    Iginla was 1st overall in 95? Seriously.

    Guy by name of Bryan Berard disagrees.

    Research. Internet. Accuracy.

    Words to live by.

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