The Bruins moves probably have most scratching their heads. The defense hasn’t really been a problem this year or last. That said, the Bruins haven’t drafted much in the way of defensemen in the last two or three drafts. And today and yesterday addressed some of that lack of depth by picking up three prospects who they obviously like. Having been at rookie camp this past summer, and having watched the talk at camp this fall, I noticed a lot of talk about anything but young defensemen.  The only guys who get any talk were Yuri Alexanderov, Matt Hunwick and perhaps one or two more.  Those who watched the Bruins signings over the summer and early fall noticed several career AHL defensemen signed to fill out the roster in Providence.

As it stands now, the highest draft pick of the defensemen in Providence is Tommy Cross. He’s had two knee surgeries in the last two years.  After that is Alexanderov who is playing in Russia, and like other Europeans, getting them over even if they profess to wanting to play in the NHL.  So Chiarelli saying during his post deadline press conference that he likes Bartkowski a lot is indicative of his overall mindset. Chiarelli also stated that of all the guys available, that none would provide more than an incremental improvement over the guys on the ice now. Chiarelli went on to say that it was expected that Seidenberg or The Good Dennis, will be playing with Chara, a yet further indication of how far Widemans stock has fallen.

Former Bruins moved around:

Andrew Alberts will be skating with Real American Hero Ryan Kesler in Vancouver at the price of a third round pick.

Aaron Ward is now a member of the Ducks for what may be a steal.

Stephane Yelle is back in Colorado, the franchise he spent the first seven years of his career with.

Milan Jurchina is once again a Washington Capital, I wonder if he can get his old home back?

More on the rest of the league and the day as a whole next.

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