The offer sheet had been a dead letter in the NHL until the mammoth offer sheet the Philadelphia Flyers dropped on the Nashville Predators  Shea Weber. The Predators ended up matching one of the largest offers in league history and signing their franchise cornerstone and most beloved player.

The left wings in this restricted free agent class have a wide variety of reasons to catch the attention of teams. Some are pure talents, some are being squeezed off the ice on deep teams that are deep up front. One or two more were involved in some trades recently.

Carl Hagelin

The New York Ranger had a notable points per game increase last year on a team that had a notable lack of contributions, particularly in the post season of some of their “best players”, that left the team struggling for offense. Hagelin was fourth n the Rangers in scoring in the regular season and third for the playoffs. While a qualifying offer will be under $750,000 it is unlikely he signs for less than two million a year. If for no other reason, teams like the Kings who need to add speed, the Red Wings who are still in need of quality young players, or the Islanders or Devils who just want to discomfort a division rival, Hagelin might end up with a new home address by the time the puck drops in October.

Benoit Pouliot

The former OHL and CHL rookie of the year has gotten around the NHL since being drafted. Taken in the fourth slot of the 2005 draft. The Minnesota Wild kept their draft selection for a couple years before shipping him to Montreal where he played a season and a half before moving on to Boston, and eventually being traded to the Tampa Bay Lightning in a draft day deal. His ability to draw penalties has been noted for two or three seasons, and while he doesn’t get a lot goals he has scored some very timely ones and has been known to dish a pretty pass here and there.

Magnus Paajarvi

Yet another of the Edmonton Oilers high draft picks. He’s split the last two seasons between the Edmonton club and the teams AHL affiliate Kansas City. With a mile and a half list of other high end youngsters the Oilers might wish to trade him to a cap strapped team for some defensive help, or maybe for some additional draft picks. A player who doesn’t take many penalties, he’s just got upside that will lead teams to at least kick the tires on him.

Mikkel Boedker

Two season ago when the Phoenix Coyotes advanced to the Western Conference finals, they couldn’t have done it without their Danish winger. Two overtime game winning goals made a lot of noise. The Coyotes have to be anxious to retain him, and teams short on left wing talent should certainly be looking in his direction.

Lane MacDermid

While he might be most famous as the answer to the trivia question “What player traded for Jaromir Jagr in 2013 had the most NHL experience?” MacDermid is also a rugged player capable of playing solid two way hockey and throwing punches with the best of them. The Dallas Stars also got a first round pick. With the west staying at just 14 teams for the next three seasons, his toughness might just buy some space for whoever he ends up playing with.

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