Top Ten: Reasons Lindy Ruff Was Fired

20thFeb. × ’13

After 170 head coaching changes elsewhere around the league, Darcy Regier (or whoever) finally decided they needed someone else to blame things on. Lindy Ruff is Buffalo Sabres coach no more.

10: They Sabres were winning to many games to have the best possible shot at drafting Seth Jones.

9: Darcy Regier promised Terry Pegula he could easily have a draft as successful a the Sabres 2000 edition.

8: Ruff never told Regier how bad Myers was before the Sabres wrote his current contract.

7: After having yet more misfit toys like John Scott, Steve Ott and Patrick Kaleta dropped on his roster Lindy Ruff used his safeword.

6: Super star defenseman Adam Pardy said he could no longer play on a team coached by Ruff and management had to make a decision.

5: The New York media like John Tortorella’s press conferences better.

4: After careful consultation with Pierre Gauthier it was decided that anyone who failed to say “not it” at the staff meeting would be fired.

3: Terry Pegula finally realized all the whining at the Sabres press conferences wasn’t caused by press audio equipment.

2: It was always in managements plan to fire Ruff when his name rusted off the sign over his parking space.

1: Like George McPhee Regier is dead certain he can keep his boss from noticing how bad at his job he is by firing coaches.

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  • Chris

    You left one out…could actually be the number one reason.  Lindy had no feasible way to replace Steve Montador on the defensive unit after he was traded away.

    • pucksage

       :-) Well, Montador is one of a kind. Maybe the Sabres will go for an upgrade and try and get Joe Corvo!

      • Chris

        He may want to leave that tidbit off of his resume when going for his next job.  “I didn’t suggest acquiring Joe Corvo when we lost Montie.”  Definitely a turn off for the next GM he interviews with.

        • pucksage

           Hmm, maybe that was his plan all along: Turn Myers into the next Montador?


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